8 May 2013

Downton Abbey fashion line coming soon

The impressive success of Downton Abbey has caught imaginations worldwide since its launching in 2010 and has led producers to create a clothing line base on the very early 1900s styles seen in the program.

The ITV period drama producers have now decided to capitalize on its success by making the Crawley family's very early 20th century styles available to all and now audiences can experience again these days themselves.

The apparel line will go on sale alongside a substantial array of brand-new product - from appeal items to furnishings. The producers were expecting sharing the fashion of the era, but had to wait until it became clear such an idea would be profitable

The series wasn't wildly-popular till third period of the show just recently concluded on PBS, with a record 7.9 million watching. The fourth period is being filmed and will be aired in the UK this September.

The period drama, developed by Julian Fellowes, is set in the very early 1900s. Prospective stockists have yet to be named for the product - which will most likely include ladylike outfits and accessories as seen on characters such as Lady Mary and the Dowager Countess of Grantham played by Michelle Dockery and Maggie Smith.
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