25 April 2013

Duchess of Cambridge topless photos could cost a prison term

In September topless photos of Prince William's wife Catherine caused a huge furore.

The debate around Kate Middleton's partially nude pictures is right here to stay as the Royal couple has taken the issue to the court to search those down responsible for the mess and put them behind bars.

The publisher of glossy magazine Closer where a few of the shots were printed and a photographer at regional daily  La Provence, were both charged.

Judges in the Paris suburban area of  Nanterre charged the photographer with "attack of privacy" for taking images of the Duchess of Cambridge in a swimwear while she was on holiday in the south of France with her husband.

Royal prince Williams and his wife Kate have filed a criminal case against the photographer at the Paris prosecutor's office. The photographer could face a prison term of one year along with the editor of Closer, Laurence Pieau, if found guilty.

Those shots were released in La Provence. The most intimate shots showing the Duchess of Cambridge topless and having sun cream rubbed into her behind by William were published in Closer. Judges are still investigating who took those pictures.

Ernesto Mauri, the chief executive of Mondadori, was meanwhile also charged with "intrusion of personal privacy" for having let the partially nude shots be published.

The publication of the shots in September caused a substantial furor, and French authorities quickly banned Closer from any more publication or resale of the topless images, while launching a criminal probe into how they were obtained.

Italian magazine Chi, along with the Irish Daily Star and a Danish publication, all republished the images.
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Anonymous said...

This is a joke ! just because she's married to a prince shouldn't mean sum1 has to be locked up ! tell the skanky duchess to keep her self covered up in public if she doesn't want pictures taking of her ! she's a talentless person who found fame by marrying a prince ! don't tell me she married him for his good looks either ! she took her top off its obvious sum paparazzi will b taking photos ! think its Kate who should b told off and told as a member of the royal family its unacceptable to go topless in a public place ! its ok to photo any1 else topless so why should the "duchess" get special treatment ??? the royals are a joke anyway all they do is attatact tourists ! nobody gives a shit weather we had them or not. what use is the royal family ??? what exactly do they do for the common people ??? NOTHING !!! Therse only prince harry who's got any worth about him the rest are just a tourist attraction

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