20 April 2013

Celebrities gambling problems

For some people gambling is a bit of fun and a chance to back a favored team or horse, but for others it is a life-changing dependence. Gambling by stars is an problem or simply a hobby, and a social event. It's unclear whether they go to upscale gambling establishments where they are offered with star personal privacy or whether they do their gambling in the privacy of online gambling sites.

Being well-known and disgustingly rich is most likely not as simple as it appears. For some stars and sportsmen, tossing cash away at gambling establishments or on sporting events could offer them something the layman can not understand; to them it may be an relief for tension, an interesting rush, or possibly simply a massive tax write-off. Whatever their reason competition, pride or relax, some famous people just don't care when it concerns wagering cash and lots of it.

Allen Iverson
The NBA appears to be the league to go to if you want to make, and then subsequently squander, millions of dollars. Iverson earned over $200 million throughout his NBA time and it is reported that he managed to gamble and drink away most of it.

John McCain
If choosing Sarah Palin as his running friend wasn't adequate evidence that McCain has a betting issue, the senator's friends declare that he has actually been understood to go on 14-hour benders at the craps table. That seems like torture, even to a former POW.

Charles Barkley
He is both extremely entertaining and unbelievably honest and when he claimed he was not a great role model. Chuck has actually fired men, fought a losing battle against excessive weight and his golf swing, and he happily admits to having lost over $10 million at casinos throughout his grownup life.

Phil Mickelson
Although this has actually never ever been confirmed as truth or truth, it is reported that Phil turned his back on Titleist - the brand name that gained him his first 2 millions and became a member of the Callaway household because he needed the money to settle gambling debts.
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