15 March 2013

US President and Co has been hacked

The FBI, Secret Service and the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating the feasible information teft, which may have consisted of more than two dozen stars and government officials, including Michelle Obama, Vice President Biden, Mitt Romney, Tiger Woods and Beyonce, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The Russian site that made headings this week by uploading possibly stolen financial information of authorities and celebritiess, consisting of first woman Michelle Obama, has declared a victim of another stripe: founded guilty sex offender Jerry Sandusky.

Wednesday, the website Exposed.su posted exactly what was labeled as a credit report of the former Penn State assistant football coach, who was sentenced in October to a minimum of 30 years in jail for sexually abusing young boys.

The credit report lists a Social Security number along with account numbers and other info on charge card accounts, fee accounts and a house equity credit line.

A spokesperson for among the biggest US credit bureaus, Tim Klein of Equifax, told the Associated Press on Wednesday that a preliminary investigation showed hackers had accessed the credit bureau's system by entering personal details about their victims to impersonate them. Much of the info uploaded online could be discovered from other sources, such as home records.

The incident has actually drawn responses from Congress and President Obama. Leakages of monetary information were simply the start of the issue when it comes to the vulnerability of US computer networks.
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