27 March 2013

Justin Bieber a hazard on wheels

According to numerous residents Justin Bieber is a hazard on wheels, driving at rates approaching 100 miles per hour in his silent uber-exclusive gated area in Calabasas and threatening pets and children.

Justin Bieber has been implicated of threatening his California next-door neighbor just hours after returning home on a break from his trouble-plagued world tour.

The event is the most up to date drama in a month filled with headline-grabbing antics - the Baby singer upset followers in London by appearing to a show over an hour late and then fell ill, throwing up backstage at one show and checking into hospital.

Justin Bieber was photographed shirtless on Monday as he reached Lodz Airport in Poland, braving freezing temperatures of around minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Justin's security staff state the next-door neighbors was upset over parties that were thrown at the Biebers residence while he was touring in Europe. The singer's Calabasas residence had become a celebration home for friends while he was overseas.

Next-door neighbor who confronted Justin informed Sheriff's deputies ... the vocalist was driving "extremely recklessly" in the neighborhood in his Ferrari. The guy - whose hobby is racing cars - approximated Justin's rate at 100 mph.

The man also states a great deal of kids were on the street because of Spring break, and Justin put the entire area at risk according to TMZ.com. Multiple neighbors back his story.

The neighbor subsequently submitted an authorities battery report over the event, affirming that Bieber had actually threatened him and made physical contact with him when he visited Justin's house to inform him exactly what an inconsiderate jerk he was by driving at breakneck rate, and now officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department are investigating the complaint.
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