23 March 2013

Insane trend of body part insurance for stars

From bust to legs, insuring talents and body parts seems to be a long tradition for celebrities.

Stars are insuring their cash making body parts that make their source of incomes. It appears that if a celebrity desires to connect in on the crazy body part insurance trend, Lloyds of London is one who had be pleased to insure pretty much anything!

When you're nothing without your ass, tongue or middle finger, it makes sense to insure them for all they're worth. There are some of the most expensive or craziest insurance policies for global celebrities.

Heidi Klum legs insured for 2.2 million U.S. dollars, one million dollars for her left leg, while 200,000 dollars less than her right because of a little mark on her knee.

America Ferrera's smile is often appears to be askew and looks awkward. However, with that stated she has insured her smile for ten million dollars.

David Beckham's legs are insured for seventy million dollars. Nonetheless lots of devoted football followers would most likely state that his legs are priceless. He is known for doing fantastic tricks with his legs. If anything were to happen to his legs it had have a massive impact on his income and at the same time would this really have such an effect on his lifestyle?

Jennifer Lopez's bum is rumored to be insured for a staggering 3 hundred million dollars. Jennifer Lopez has an outstanding figure and her bottom is an attribute that she will always be known for and is it really worth that amount of cash?

Vocalist Dolly Parton insured her well-known assets in 1970. That time her 42-inch bust line was insured for $600,000. Forty years later her boobs are worth nearly $4 million.

It is among the strangest celeb insurance rumors you can ever before hear. Singer Tom Jones, who is known for his unbuttoned shirt in addition to his wonderful voice, has actually reportedly insured his chest hair for $7 million. He's probably the only singer who cares more about hair than about voice!

Spain's club Real Madrid wished to guarantee Cristiano Ronaldo's feet and legs were well-protected. They insured them for record-breaking $144 million!

Van Halen's David Lee Roth took our an insurance policy unlike any other and potentially took the expression 'protected sex' to far. His was not to secure from sickness or injury; he  will receive $1 million if he got a groupie pregnant which could be put towards child support.

Due to the fact that the vocalist was figured out not to take any threats with her beautiful legs whilst on her US trip, Mariah Carey insured her legs for an incredibly $1 billion! When asked why her legs were insured for a lot, a spokes person said the amount was a reflection of her appeal.
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