20 March 2013

David Beckham has arrived in China as football ambassador

David Beckham has arrived in Beijing to start his role as China's first international football ambassador.

David Beckham begins his four-day trip of China and was presented with a gift at a Beijing news conference.

The former England captain, who will incorporate the job with playing for Paris Saint Germain, was met by a media and thousands of followers.

Beckham will spend two days in Beijing going to the Workers Stadium, house to Beijing Guo'an Football Club. He will meet followers and players and tour the arena. Then he will take a trip southern to the seaside city of Qingdao, house to Qingdao Jonoon Football Club, visiting schools and promoting the game.

A weak youth system, along with widespread corruption, has been criticized in part for the Chinese national team's inadequate international outcomes.

David Beckham received a big welcome in Beijing where he is advertising Chinese football - which has been spoiled by scandals and corruption.

Officials at all degrees are hoping that Brand Beckham will considerably cleanse and improve the game  up its image. The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder informed that his reputation would not be harmed by being linked with football in the nation and said he was there for the future not the past.

The former England captain, who would not confirm whether he was being spent for his work as an ambassador, did admit that his brand-new role would be beneficial for brand Beckham. Victoria Beckham's clothing designs are currently on sale in Beijing shops and the footballer's part would only assist the couple reinforce their brand in the country.
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