15 March 2013

Celebrities that look older than their real age

Age is a particularly sensitive concern with performers, who endure off their appeal with the public. There are times when ages are readjusted to fit the image they're aiming for when somebody debuts really late, or sometimes very early.

There are numerous voices expressing concern over this issue of faked ages. When performers are caught lying about their ages, people could lose faith in them, and it may cause entertainers as a whole to be thought about a group of liars.

For lots of celebrities, aging is something that could be slowed down quickly with the assistance of a good plastic specialist. For a couple of others, genes and drug abuse absolutely make them appear much older than they really are.

In this case, we'll have to assume that over half of Hollywood starlets and stars lie about their age in the first place. So what is it, do they simply look their real age or do they just look much older than their age? We may not understand the specific fact but we do know that these following celebrities are fighting a significant fight with the hands of time.

Early this year Miley Cyrus was mistaken for a 40-year old woman while she was out with her more youthful sister. She was approached by a saleswoman who mistook her for a middle-aged mother and attempted to sell her anti-wrinkle cream.

Like that saleswoman, we've all looked at a certain celebrity and guessed their age based on their appearance. We look them up on Wikipedia and discover out that they're more youthful than we at first thought they were. Some celebrities are young adequate to be in university, but they look old enough to be in a retirement community. Whether it is past drug and alcohol use, or dressing older than their age, something is causing these stars to look older than their real age.

Blake Lively
Genuine age: 24, exactly what she looks like - age: 30
Lively is a Hollywood "It" girl but her time might run out faster than her age peers as she currently looks years ahead of her 24 years of age.

Lindsay Lohan
Actual age: 23, perceived age: 43
It was reported last month that Lindsay Lohan's skin is prematurely aging due to her excessive partying, tanning, and drug and alcohol use. Lindsay is just 23 years old, but her pale skin, forehead wrinkles, and freckles that are turning to liver spots have actually made her look twice her age.

Declared age: 36, exactly what she looks like age: 41
Fergie has a perfect body and does not look too much older than her stated age, when she initially raised on the scene with The Black Eyed Peas, it was difficult to believe that she was actually how old she declared to be. Although we're cynical about her being 36, we do have to take into account that Fergie was addicted to crystal methamphetamine for a time prior she hit it big.

Ali Lohan
Declared age: 17, exactly what she looks like age: 28
The irony of cosmetic surgery is that it can make you look older. Case in point: Ali Lohan, the younger sister of Lindsey Lohan. Oh, wait, Lohan's household denies that Ali got any type of work done.

Rachel Zoe
Declared Age: 40, what she looks like age: 50
Perhaps if Rachel Zoe stopped depriving herself, she 'd have sufficient healthy fat to battle those wrinkles.
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Kimberly Davis said...

That's exactly right. such a shame Lyndsay but you didn't take better care of your body. probably a little bit too late now

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