11 March 2013

Celebrities introdusing new wine brands

Famous names with alcohol brands are nothing new. Sammy Hagar has actually had Cabo Wabo tequila since 1996, and Willie Nelson is the proud name behind Old Whiskey River bourbon.

When it concerns celebrities and whatever outside brands they introduce, there has to be a clear connection between the individual and product for a possibility at long-term survival, never mind any assurance of success.

And their providings are equally outstanding: Drew Barrymore's Pinot Grigio is offered at the upscale Eataly wine emporium, for example, where stock is securely curated. When you taste and even read about Drew Barrymore's entry into wine, she had an objective for taste and how it was to represent her.

"I want this to be the first in a curation of wines from around the world," she says. "I get to go and search for them and have these great adventures. I want to pick great, great wines. This was a great way to start. It took me three years to get it off the ground. I really wanted to start with a wine I was familiar with myself. I wanted it to be something that's really from my family. That's my grandfather's crest on the label. I wanted to honor the tradition of family."

Fergie just released her Ferguson Crest libations, from the Santa Barbara winery she founded with her father in 2006. Fergie states her enthusiasm for wine come right from the heart and are a representation of her California-based training.

After three decades of training, her dad retired, left Los Angeles and chose to obtain into the wine company. He desired to retire and move north and grow grapes. It was really unique. Her uncle would have these wine-tasting celebrations at our house when she was little. She found out that wines have to do with the smells and the experience as opposed to just chugging something to get drunk.

And without concern, the most well-known wine makers-to-be are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are launching a rose called Miraval from their French chateau. They will probably likewise make a quality product. They have partnered with the very best in the region, they have a tie to the location where they are making the wine, and they have a real objective to have this wine reflect its location and its history.
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