16 November 2012

Sesame Workshop investigation: Kevin Clash sex allegation unsubstantiated (Celebrities news headlines)

Sesame Workshop investigation: Kevin Clash sex allegation unsubstantiated
Examiner.com reported

On Nov. 12, 2012, San Diego’s 10News reported that Sesame Workshop issued a statement on Monday that an investigation into Kevin Clash’s sexual involvement with an underage 16-year-old boy could not be substantiated.

Kevin Jeffrey Clash who was born on Sept. 17, 1960, is the behind-the-scenes voice of famous Elmo, Baby Sinclair, Clifford, Splinter, Hoots the Owl, and since 2012 serves as Sesame Street Muppet Captain.

Kevin Clash was born in in Baltimore and his career began as a child with a fascination of Disney. After a destined meeting with puppet-builder Kermit Love in 1978, Kevin Clash visited for the first time the set of Sesame Street.

 According to Sesame Street’s website, “Clash created his first puppet when he was ten years old. In his 2006 biography, My Life as a Furry Red Monster, he recalls that one of his first creations was a monkey puppet made from the lining of his father's winter coat. His parents weren't too happy, but they were good sports about it, and supported his growing interest in puppetry.”

Kevin Clash joined the Sesame behind-the-scenes workshop as an official Sesame Street puppeteer in 1984. Kevin Clash's film credits include Jim Henson's 1986 fantasy film “Labyrinth”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I and II”, “Muppet Treasure Island”, “Muppets from Space”, and “Elmo in Grouchland”. As a most well-liked American puppeteer, voice actor, co-executive producer for “Elmopalooza”, “CinderElmo”, and “Elmo's World” and director of several Sesame Street episodes, Kevin Clash is a valued member of the Sesame Street Workshop family.

From his point of view, Kevin Clash, who is a 52-year-old divorced father of a grown daughter, says that “I am a gay man. I have never been ashamed of this or tried to hide it, but felt it was a personal and private matter.” (thestar.com)

Kevin Clash’s unidentified accuser, who is now 23, is being represented by Andreozzi and Associates, “the same high powered firm hired by a victim of Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, who was convicted of child sex abuse” according to an article published by abcNews on Nov. 12, 2012.
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