16 November 2012

Rihannas seven day tour jet landed safely in Mexico (Celebrities news headlines)

Rihannas seven day tour jet landed safely in Mexico
Examiner.com reported

 Rihanna boarded her private plane on Wednesday, Nov. 14 that was headed for Mexico. This is the beginning of her seven day tour.

Just Jared reported yesterday that she invited many members of the press to cover their initial take-off. When the plane was filled Rihanna made two announcements on the plane’s loudspeaker. The first one was questions for her guests and crew. She said; You guys ready? Ready for Mexico? Ready for some tequila? Let’s get drunk!”

Then she gave them all a surprise by saying; “Everybody look in their gift bags right now.” Inside each bag was a sting with a diamond attached. This was her gift to each and everyone on the plane saying; “You can never say you’ve never has a diamond in your life. Give it to someone special. I love you!”
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