12 November 2012

Celebrity election tweets of 2012 (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrity election tweets of 2012
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The 2012 Presidential election is over. Whether you are satisfied or not may be another story. But one thing is for sure, celebrities set fire to Twitter last night with political tweets. There were a lot of positive and hopeful tweets; take a look at these:

 Demi Lovato: “Tonight is a good night for women. Proud to be a WOMAN IN AMERICA!!!”

 Russell Simmons : “A NEW AMERICA WINS OVER BIG MONEY! I am so proud to call Barack Obama our President of the United States!”

Miranda Lambert: “Im always proud everytime I see red, white, and blue no matter what! #proudtobeanamerican (and a texan) :) ”

Jim Carey: “Congrats Mr. Obama! Sincerely hope dems and reps can be better dance partners this time out! ;^)”

Everybody has different political views so not every celebrity had something positive to say. Donald Trump tweeted several upset tweets including: “This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!” and “Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble…like never before.”

Trump wasn’t the only upset celebrity, Sara Evans, country music singer tweeted, “I am completely in shock right now! This SUCKS! Where is this country heading? We might as well prepare for a million trillion $ in debt!”

Some celebrities didn’t tweet outright political views but took the chance to make a point. For example Martina McBride tweeted “I just hope, 4 yrs from now, they find a way to campaign without spending roughly 5 BILLION $! That money could help a lot of kids. Just sayin.”
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