11 September 2012

Julian Assanges celebrity backers already down $318K in bail money may lose ... (Celebrities news headlines)

Julian Assanges celebrity backers already down $318K in bail money may lose ...
New York Daily News reported

Helping out WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is turning into an expensive affair for his celebrity friends, who have lost $318,272 in bail money and another nine could lose even more.

The additional nine did not give money to the court directly, but instead promised to pay up to $31,800 each on Assange’s behalf as “sureties.”

In a surprising revelation made Tuesday, a British court clerk told reporters that the first amount of money — which celebrities like director Michael Moore and socialite Jemima Khan allegedly gave the court — was taken because Assange breached conditions of bail.

The Australian anti-privacy activist was supposed to stay in a home in England, reported to the police daily, and keep to a 10 p.m.-to-8 a.m. curfew, according to the Telegraph.

But Assange broke these terms when he fled to an Ecuadorean embassy in a posh district of London in June. He sought asylum in the embassy because English authorities were set to send him to Sweden, where he is wanted for rape charges dating back to 2010.

These charges are just a ruse that Sweden plans to use in order to send him to the United States, Assange has said, claiming that he could face the death penalty in America.
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