11 September 2012

It are not just Clint Eastwood: celebrities and their wacky politics (Celebrities news headlines)

It are not just Clint Eastwood: celebrities and their wacky politics
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As you probably already know, Clint Eastwood hasn’t had the best week. The actor/director/mummified cowboy spoke at the convention for the Republican party (or The National We Hate Gays, Women and Ethnic Minorities Association – as it is more accurately known), and made headlines by having a debate with an empty chair. The fact that he was pretending the chair was President Obama doesn’t make it any less psychotic. Worse still, it was one of the more sane moments of the convention in general.

Clint isn’t alone in his political involvement. Politics has become a major talking point for celebrities, especially in this election year. People like George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker are outspoken advocates of President Obama, while Eastwood and Kelsey Grammer think Mitt’s the shit.

There are certain celebrities, however, who have expressed more extreme points of view. These are mostly fading stars of yesteryear, who will seemingly do or say anything to cling on to their last shred of notoriety. The majority of the offenders exhibit extreme right-wing views, a notable contrast from the idea of Hollywood being a hotbed of liberal assholes. I tried to find somebody who shared equally ludicrous left-wing views for the sake of balance, but I couldn’t find any other than Sean Penn.

The first celebrity in the Carnival of Crazy is Jon Voight. He is best known as an actor, but is also Angelina Jolie’s father and a part-time Christopher Walken lookalike. On top of that, he manages to find the time to make false accusations about the President. During a 2010 interview on Fox News (where else?), Voight made a speech to the viewers at home, calling Obama a Socialist and a nation-raper. He also insinuated that Obama’s administration would lead to the end of civilisation as we know it.
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