24 September 2012

Hicks: Kate Middleton and other naked celebrities should know better (Celebrities news headlines)

Hicks: Kate Middleton and other naked celebrities should know better
San Jose Mercury News reported

I don't understand how the rich and famous don't understand that anything they do outside the confines of their own home automatically will appear somewhere they don't want it seen.

Take the Duchess of Cambridge, Mrs. Prince William, Catherine Middleton, Kate to her friends. She sunbathed topless on what she thought was a private balcony while on vacation in France long enough for a photographer to take dozens of photos of the royal breasts.

Yes, the paparazzi are out there lurking, and I'm beginning to think they may not leave anytime soon. So is the Internet, and I'm pretty sure it's not going away either. I'm not blaming her, nor do I necessarily think photographers should be able to go to such lengths to capture moments of someone's life they believe is private.

But celebrities might want to think about modifying their behavior or stop complaining when they strip off their clothes outdoors or make sex tapes and not understand why people want to see. Technically, the princess was half-naked, which is damaging enough when you are the future queen of England and have photographers following you around like flies on a horse.

It must be burdensome -- especially for her husband, whose mother, Princess Diana, was killed being chased by photographers. That's exactly why they should know better. It's not right, but that's reality.

One of the world's most photographed public figures shouldn't have much of an expectation of privacy when letting it all hang out on someone's balcony. What's curious is that this could happen just weeks after Middleton's brother-in-law became a naked Internet sensation.

Prince Harry and friends found some girls to play strip billiards with in Las Vegas. I'm sure his father and grandmother would have much appreciated it if whatever happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas. But it didn't.

And, as technology gets better, things will only get worse for naked celebrities. At some point, we'll be able to use our eyeballs as high-resolution cameras. Then, no one is safe.

While I'm on the subject, I also feel compelled to say something about the double standard within the royal family. Rough-and-tumble war veteran, Apache helicopter pilot and all-around beefcake Harry gets caught naked and drunk in a crazy situation he clearly initiated, and the palace shrugs -- boys will be boys and whatnot.

But his sister-in-law, the future queen, merely tries to avoid tan lines in what she thinks is a secure location with only her husband as witness, gets her picture taken, and the royal family reacts like Genghis Khan just led the bloodthirsty barbarians over the wall to sack London.
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