24 September 2012

Demi Lovato back to her party-girl ways? (Celebrities news headlines)

Demi Lovato back to her party-girl ways?
Examiner.com reported

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

20-year-old X-Factor judge, Demi Lovato, has been in Vegas for the iHeartRadio festival, and has been pictured hanging out with her friend old notorious party-girl friend, Hanna Beth.

Demi Lovato has been very open about her personal struggles in the personal eye, from bulimia, to punching a back-up dancer in a face, and underage partying that landed her a ninety day stay at treatment center Timberline Knolls in Chicago.

After emerging from treatment in early 2011, Demi spoke openly about her ups and downs and struggles with recovery, which is an on-going process. Demi and Hanna Beth connected in 2011 over their struggles with sobriety, but it was clear from the start that Hanna Beth wasn't the good influence she pretend to be.

Frequently tweeting about illegal activities like "taking e pills" (ecstasy), Hanna Beth has shown time and time again that she doesn't take her sobriety seriously. Demi and Hanna Beth even got matching lip tattoos during a drugged-out Independence Day weekend last summer.
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