28 March 2012

Top five celebrities in fantasy baseball leagues (Celebrities news headlines)

Top Five Celebrities in Fantasy Baseball Leagues
Yahoo! Sports reported

Baseball fans everywhere are getting ready for the start of this fantasy baseball season. When it comes to fantasy leagues, it isn't just the hard-core baseball fanatics who get in on the action; many celebrities try their hand at it as well. Some are more dedicated than others, but they all seem to be having fun with it. Here is a look at the top five celebrities that are active in fantasy baseball leagues.

Zooey Deschanel

The star of the sitcom "New Girl" manages her own fantasy baseball team.. According to her twitter account, her team name is the "Burbank Puppies." She admits not being die-hard, but they did manage to beat at least one other team last season.

Geddy Lee

The frontman for the Canadian band Rush is a huge baseball fan, and even co-owned a rotisserie baseball team for a time. He has been active in an online fantasy baseball league for over a decade, though he was active in other leagues before joining the online community. Lee participates with his son, and he has won several championships over the years.


It may be surprising, but Meatloaf is a diehard New York Yankees fan, and he takes his fantasy baseball league almost as seriously as the actual game itself. When the two worlds collide, he roots for the Yankees to win, but admits that he only hopes "for the Yankees to win, 1-0" so that he can protect his fantasy team too.
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