20 March 2012

Celebrities use their clout to form opinions (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrities use their clout to form opinions
gulfnews.com reported

No strangers to promoting brands, many celebrities are becoming involved in causes, with A-listers like Daryl Hannah, Martin Sheen and — most recently — George Clooney risking jail for what they believe in.

From Justin Bieber to George Clooney, and from Syria to Sudan, celebrities are joining campaigners in the hope of influencing world opinions on current affairs.

Clooney, who was arrested and released hours later in Washington on Friday, was charged with disorderly crossing of a police line along with other protesters including his father Nick, as they protested the mounting humanitarian crisis in Sudan. At the protest, the Oscar-winning actor called on the embassy to ask "the government in Khartoum to stop randomly killing its own innocent men, women and children, stop raping them, stop starving them".

"I guess we're not allowed to hang out at the Sudanese Embassy," he joked at a press conference after his release.

"It was really rough, you can imagine," he joked.
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