5 March 2012

Celebrities comment about that Angelina Jolie leg sort of criticize her (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrities Comment About That Angelina Jolie Leg, Sort Of Criticize Her
Ology reported

It's officially now two days since the 84th Oscars premiered and even though the celebrity hangovers are not at ease the talk of Angelina Jolie's leg is still front and center. Yes, it is about time this ridiculous moment comes to a halt but the fact of the matter is--the topic trended on Twitter all the way through Monday night. It was thrown in our faces just like pancake batter was thrown onto Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet.

During the leg stunner some celebrities tweeted and a certain fashion police host commented on the actresses random moment. Some just joked about it but some were a bit more harsh.
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