17 February 2012

Facebook verifying celebrity accounts allowing pseudonyms (Celebrities news headlines)

Facebook verifying celebrity accounts, allowing pseudonyms
Los Angeles Times reported

Facebook, following the lead of Twitter and Google+, is verifying user accounts and allowing for pseudonyms.

But the verification and policy change on nicknames -- Facebook has previously mandated that users use their legal names -- won't be available to the general public. Instead, verified accounts are by invitation only and, for now, those invitations will go to celebrities and to users with a large number of subscribers.

In an statement emailed to The Times on Thursday, Facebook described the move as "a minor update" to its Subscribe feature.

"Starting today, we'll begin testing a verification process for people with a large number of subscribers," Facebook said. "The new process enables people to verify their identities by submitting a government issued ID. Once verified, they'll also have the option to more prominently display an alternate name (nickname, maiden name, byline, etc.) on their timelines in addition to their real name.

"This update makes it even easier for subscribers to find and keep up with journalists, celebrities and other public figures."

For those who get the invitation and display their pseudonym, their nicknames or stage names, on their Facebook pages, the sign-up process remains the same -- you still only can sign up for Facebook using your legal name.
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