27 February 2012

Celebrity red carpet photographers consider ban on taking pictures of Oscar ... (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrity red carpet photographers consider ban on taking pictures of Oscar ...
The Daily Telegraph reported

Sylvester Stallone reportedly described them as "legalized stalkers" and many hounded celebrities have flipped off paparazzi in the street.

But the red carpet photographers can also turn the tables, and are considering a ban on snapping Charlize Theron, saying they are sick of the star's behaviour and could down their cameras en masse.

"She doesn't like to stop for us or even smile," veteran Hollywood photographer James Smeal told FOX News. "I even said congratulations when she was nominated for a Golden Globe, and she totally ignores you. That's the worst."

Other snappers concur that Theron, who won an Oscar in 2003 for the movie Monster, is on a short leash.

"Charlize is the newest talk around the line because she is typically rushed if she even stops at all ... But it really doesn't take that much to keep us happy," one insisted. "I don't know if it's just that major celebs are so pressed for time, if it's their publicists that instigate the line rushing, if they really don't like doing it, or if they don't understand we are not street paparazzi."

The shutterbug wants celebs to know there is a big difference.

"We are photo journalists that cover entertainment. I know that if I ever became famous enough to warrant attention from press photographers, that it is just part of the job," the photographer said.

A rep for Theron did not respond to a request for comment.

So how is a celeb ban orchestrated? Photographers share their frustrations with each other on a daily basis, and when frustrations reach a boiling point, one or two of the photographers lead the way by drafting up an email which is circulated among the others. They all then decide on the best event to start, and then the photographs stop.

However, snappers do on occasion issue warning signs.

"Before the extreme of a boycott, we boo them," one photographer explained.

This shutterbug wants to make clear how much work and care they put into their jobs.
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