24 February 2012

Celebrity makeup artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis glam real mothers at New York ... (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis Glam Real Mothers at New York ...
Virtual-Strategy Magazine reported

Supermom's Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Director of Fashion at Lincoln Center partnered with The Moms; Mom-entum, Big Fuel and Getting Gorgeous, for "Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show".

Connecticut Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis was very excited about being a part of the glam squad that was brought in for STRUT Mom's 1st Annual Fashion Show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. Gomez-Duplessis laughs saying it was such a fun change of pace to do makeup on real women who are mothers versus the traditional young models who are her daughter's age. The moms that Gomez-Duplessis got a chance to work with were professional career women, popular female bloggers, and soon to be moms. The fashion show was hosted by Supermodel and cosmetics owner Iman, who is also a mother of two. Gomez-Duplessis is also a mother of 2 teens and so she understands how hard it is to parent kids with a busy schedule as she travels a lot with her work. Gomez-Duplessis said her support system is her husband and SKYPE and writing on her blog; Inside The Life Of A Makeup Artist plays a big role when on the road with her family.

Backstage Gomez-Duplessis was one of 10 makeup artists that gave these fashionable moms each flawless individual looks. Gomez-Duplessis said her makeup area consisted of a full table of makeup goodies. Key items that all moms need for a full proof makeup look is what I packed my makeup kit with. One of my favorite items is Maya Water Facial Mist to hydrate and rejuvenate my overwhelmed moms. Gomez-Duplessis wanted her moms to not look like they look everyday, so gave them a glamxurious look to play up the moment. Gomez-Duplessis says moms need makeup items that are quick but will last all day so she selected L'OREAL Paris HIP Cream eyeliners, L'OREAL Paris Waterproof Voluminious mascara, and L'OREAL Paris Infallible 8hr leGloss. But an absolute must have that all moms need is concealer, so I selected one of my top concealers from ALCONE.

There were so many amazing highlights from STRUT: The Fashionable Mom Fashion Show but my favorite was getting to bond backstage with the gorgeous Iman who on this day wanted to not be a supermodel but a supermom.
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