13 February 2012

Celebrity dream dates and nightmare dates for Valentines day devealed in ... (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrity Dream Dates and Nightmare Dates for Valentine's Day Revealed in ...
MarketWatch (press release) reported

George Clooney beats last year's favorite Johnny Depp;

--30% of men would rather be single than take Snooki out;

--and 40% would like to see Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt reunited

Taking the spot two years in a row, Jennifer Aniston is the number one female celebrity "dream date" for Valentine's Day, according to the annual Valentine's Day survey from omg! from Yahoo!, the number one celebrity news website. George Clooney edged out last year's number one male celebrity "dream date," Johnny Depp, with 19% of the votes.

Amongst gay males, Ryan Gosling is the top choice (only ranked #4 by women) and Sandra Bullock earns the spot amongst lesbian women. (Full lists below.)

Omg! from Yahoo! asked 2,001 people for their picks for the best romantic movie, which celebrity couple they'd like to see back together, which tween celebrities they would want to date their child, and other Valentine's Day-themed questions.

Nightmare Dates

Unfortunately for Snooki, 30% of men would rather be single than take her out on Valentine's Day, giving her this unwanted #1 spot for the second year. With 31% of the votes, Charlie Sheen was ranked the top nightmare date by women followed by Mike "The Situation" (25%).
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