13 February 2012

Baby pictures. Should celebrities make money off their kids? (Celebrities news headlines)

Baby pictures, should celebrities make money off their kids?
Examiner.com reported

Celebrity’s baby photos can fetch an enormous amount of money, often causing the paparazzi to go to extreme measures to get one. Leaving the parents with the option of selling the picture themselves or being stalked until someone else captures their bundle of joy.

Music stars Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to introduce their daughter Blue Ivy to their fans via Tumblr explaining, ‘We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives. The Carter Family.’ By doing so, the parents may not have made any money from the photographs but they did buy themselves some privacy by removing the paparazzi’s incentive.

How much money would a magazine have paid for Blue Ivy’s picture? The exact amount is unknown but a look at the high amounts other celebrity parents have received is a good indicator. According to Today, Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony were paid a reported $5 million by People magazine for pictures of twins Max and Emme while the Jolie-Pitt twins were brought in a reported 15 to $20 million for theirs.
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