23 January 2012

Wildcat Times: Celebrity divorce rate soars above the rest (Celebrities news headlines)

Wildcat Times: Celebrity divorce rate soars above the rest
my.hsj.org reported

Divorce… a very common word in Hollywood. Many stars find themselves filing for a divorce just months or even days after being wed. Are stars better off by staying single?

I strongly believe that stars are better off single. Do they even know what true love is? It seems as though they don’t. They get married so often for such a short amount of time that it makes you wonder if they really know the true meaning.

Many stars are usually very busy, considering that they are always at work. They are always making a new song or staring in a new movie or TV show. With all of these “distractions” there is really no time for serious relationships. There is no down time in the life of a star.

Most Hollywood marriages don’t last more than a year. Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon were only married for 10 weeks. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married for a short 72 days before filing for divorce. It’s ridiculous to see how much money is put into these extravagant weddings and then it gets flushed away a couple weeks later.

This bothers me because many people would kill for a wedding like the ones in Hollywood. But, people in today’s society do not have the money to afford these extravagant weddings. It is sad to see thousands upon thousands of dollars go to waste over two people who are not even one hundred percent committed to each other. It’s almost as if celebrities are getting the definition of marriage confused. Marriage is a long term commitment, not a short term one.

“The divorce rate among celebrities may be as high as 80 percent,” said celebrity divorce lawyer Raul Felder.

This is a very high number, but not a surprising one considering that celebrities are getting divorced every other day. The celebrity divorce rate soars above the American divorce rate. We “commoners” have a divorce rate of fifty percent, which is still an insanely high number. But, celebrities’ 80% divorce rate, only gives marriages in Hollywood a 20% chance of surviving.
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