23 January 2012

Top 5 things celebrities should keep to themselves (Celebrities news headlines)

Top 5 things celebrities should keep to themselves
Fox News reported

Maybe its Twitter's fault, but stars sure seem to be oversharing these days.We know their most intimate marital secrets, their health problems, their fertility problems, and how much money they made last year.

What is impolite to discuss at the dinner table has become common celebrity Facebook fodder.

In fact, it has gotten so bad that we've decided to count down the Top 5 topics that celebs might consider keeping to themselves, or sharing with therapists and/or clergy, instead of blasting out to their 742,489 Twitter fans, and hence, the world.

5. Fertility Issues

Everything from in vitro to miscarriage is now fair game for celebrities looking for some extra publicity. Following the birth of baby Blue Ivy Carter last week, Jay-Z released a sentimental song entitled “Glory” on his website that included details about Beyonce's previously-not-public, previous miscarriage. Selena Gomez was recently incredibly candid about her mother’s miscarriage, even revealing the child’s name -- on Twitter. And when reality television mom Michelle Duggar miscarried her 20th child, she went so far as to give an exclusive interview to People magazine.

4. Politics

Actors should act. Singers should sing. And Kardashians should do whatever it is they do. But celebrities rarely have enough knowledge to be qualified to talk politics with their fans. In Touch Weekly senior editor Dorothy Cascerceri worries that ill-informed celebs may actually help to sway undecided voters with their opinions. “Because celebs have an elevated platform their opinions are interpreted as facts in many people's minds," Cascerceri tells Fox411. "People who haven't made up their mind about which candidate they are voting for will choose the candidate their favorite celeb is endorsing whether they know a lot or a little about the issues."

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