30 January 2012

Cook like dead celebrities (Celebrities news headlines)

Cook like dead celebrities
Canton Repository reported

What do Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor and Patrick Swayze have in common?

They’re all dead, of course. But did you know they all made killer chicken dishes?

Thanks to Frank DeCaro, the signature recipes of these stars and scores more live on in “The Dead Celebrity Cookbook: A Resurrection of Recipes from 145 Stars of Stage and Screen.”

DeCaro, a native New Yorker, is known as the former flamboyant and funny movie critic on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and current host of his own comedy-infused Sirius XM radio show. For decades, the 49-year-old’s hobby has been collecting celebrity recipes wherever he can find them, including vintage magazines from yard sales, out-of-print biographies from eBay, and old product pamphlets from flea markets.

A few years back, the idea hit: Why not a celebrity cookbook? One with a special theme, that is.

“The celebrities did the work for me and dropped dead,” DeCaro says. (The book was released this fall, $19.95, by Health Communications Inc.).

We caught up with the amusing author in L.A. last week, while he was in town taping a guest spot on ABC’s “Cougar Town.”
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