23 January 2012

Bruce Springsteen releases new song (Celebrities news headlines)

Bruce Springsteen releases new song
Newsday reported

Bruce Springsteen sounds like he wants to shape election-year discourse as much as pop culture on "We Take Care of Our Own," the new single he unveiled Thursday.

The song -- which immediately catapulted his upcoming album "Wrecking Ball" to No. 2 on the iTunes sales chart, even though it won't be available until March 6 -- plays more like a statement of purpose for the album than an actual rock anthem. The clunky chorus rhyme of "We take care of our own, wherever this flag's flown" is a bit too forced, especially after verses that name-check Hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans and show how that hasn't been true lately. The disconnect is even more evident when it's surrounded by the usual Springsteenian rock grandeur.
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