23 January 2012

4 celebrity prepaid cards we do rather see (Celebrities news headlines)

4 Celebrity Prepaid Cards We'd Rather See
MainStreet reported

It used to be that celebrities who wanted to expand their empires and make some extra money simply attached their name to a clothing line. These days, they’re more likely to put their face on a credit card.

Big-name celebrities are attaching their names to prepaid credit cards, which are intended to help unbanked people carry out transactions that require plastic. Unfortunately, prepaid cards tend to carry considerable fees, and the celebrity-branded cards are no exception – the now-infamous Kardashian Kard was so laden with fees that it came under investigation and was ultimately pulled from the market. And while Suze Orman’s prepaid card is a lot more fee-friendly, the television commentator raised some controversy when she referred to a blogger who criticized the card as an “idiot.”
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