7 November 2011

Uncharted 3 and celebrities in videogames (Celebrities news headlines)

Uncharted 3 and celebrities in videogames
Den Of Geek reported

Along with many, many other gamers, I suspect, I spent much of last night excitedly playing through Uncharted 3. The Uncharted series has always delighted in the spectacle of adventure cinema, but more than any other game in the series, Drake’s Deception feels like an interactive movie.

This is partially because the transitions between cutscenes and independent gameplay are better integrated, with QTE-style fight sequences that blur the lines still further, but it’s also because Uncharted 3 doesn’t throw the player straight into an all-guns-blazing shoot-out as previous games did.

The first Uncharted, Drake’s Fortune, opened with a violent gun-battle on a boat. The second, Among Thieves, was quite different, with an opening that was literally cliff-hanging, followed by a tense sneak around a heavily-guarded museum. With so much of Uncharted 3’s pre-release footage showing Nathan Drake in the middle of a desert, it was rather jarring to see the game open up in a dingy London pub (the city outside is a quaint, seemingly empty version of London, too, it has to be said), but I thoroughly appreciated the way Naughty Dog gradually ramps up the action.

Without spoiling things by revealing specific plot details, there are fist fights, platforming and light puzzle-solving moments, and an exciting chase, as you might expect, but the game’s in no rush to plunge the player into the kind of grinding shoot-outs that Drake’s Fortune introduced almost right away. As a result, the game possesses a greater sense of rising tension than any other Uncharted so far.

There’s another reason why Uncharted 3 feels so cinematic: the unexpected appearance of Jason Statham and Helen Mirren. Okay, so they aren’t actually in the game, but the characters Charlie Cutter (voiced by Graham McTavish) and Katherine Marlowe (Rosalind Ayres) look so remarkably like those immediately recognisable actors that I had to do a double take. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself:
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