21 November 2011

Obamas celebrity status both envied and distained in the world today (Celebrities news headlines)

Obama's celebrity status both envied and distained in the world today
HULIQ reported

While President Obama may not be a shoe-in for returning as president of the United States next year, his “celebrity star” keeps rising, with the view that he is the most famous person in the world right now. In turn, the Washington Post reported Nov. 17 that the “Secret Service found two bullets had hit the White House,” and special agents have caught “Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez” – a 21-year-old Idaho man -- while fleeing to Pennsylvania Nov. 16. The capture of Ortega ended a “four-day search” after police suspect bullets from Ortega’s rifle “cracked a window of the First Family’s living quarters.”

Rick Perry jealous of Obama’s celebrity status

While the White House declined to comment on the shooting, Americans watched an MSNBC TV report Nov. 17 that pointed to Gov. Rick Perry saying on Wednesday night that President Barack Obama "grew up in a privileged way" and that America's foreign policy reputation has suffered because of the president's "mentality that he's the smartest guy in the room."

While Perry concedes that he’s not the sharpest person around – with his numerous mistakes, bouts of forgetfulness and judgment issues during recent debates – he does seem envious of President Obama’s celebrity status, and like other GOP presidential candidates, wants to chip away at this Nobel Peace Prize winner who’s viewed throughout the world as a good president who inherited a massive mess from eight years of neglect by a Republican president who trashed the American economy before Obama took control in 2008.

"It reveals to me that he grew up in a privileged way," Perry said of Obama when asked by host FOX News host Sean Hannity to comment on the president's recent comment that American business interests have been "lazy" in their approach to the global economy. "He never had to really work for anything."
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