21 November 2011

Natalie Woods star power lasted for decades (Celebrities news headlines)

Natalie Wood's star power lasted for decades
CNN reported

As an 11-year-old shooting "The Green Promise," she was thrown off a bridge during a storm scene and nearly drowned. The incident scarred her for life.

Thirty-two years later, Wood died after falling into the ocean off Catalina Island in California.

Wood's life is full of such curiosities. She was that rare child performer to make the transition to adult movie star, but her rise to success was marked by troubled relationships. She had beauty and talent, but she suffered from alcohol abuse and once tried to commit suicide.

And then there's her death, coming just as she was restarting her movie career.

Wood, who died in 1981, is back in the news after police reopened the case involving her drowning at age 43.

Police: Robert Wagner not a suspect in new probe of Natalie Wood's death

The story surrounding Wood's death has long been one of Hollywood's great mysteries. She was making a motion picture comeback in a highly touted science-fiction film, "Brainstorm," and was on her yacht with her husband, Robert Wagner, and her co-star, Christopher Walken.

Aspects of Wood's life have only heightened the speculation. How could someone so young, with a good marriage and revitalized career, die just like that?
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