7 November 2011

Firework striker is celebrity guy (Celebrities news headlines)

Firework striker is celebrity guy
BBC News reported

Edenbridge Bonfire Society unveiled a 40ft effigy of Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli which will be set alight during this year's fireworks.

Firefighters were called to the footballer's Cheshire home after an explosive set alight his bathroom.

The footballer has since urged everybody to follow the fireworks code.

After the incident, police said it was an accident and no action would be taken.

The footballer said a friend of his set off a firework in his house.

In March, City officials launched an investigation after Balotelli threw a dart towards a youth team player at the club's Carrington training ground.

He has also reportedly picked up thousands of pounds in parking fines since his arrival in Manchester, and his attitude has been called into question by manager Roberto Mancini.

Jon Mitchell, from Edenbridge Bonfire Society, said: "We were all quite worried a few days ago because no celebrities had done anything quite silly enough to be celebrated on 5 November.

"We thought about the politicians and the other usual suspects - but Super Mario earned a unanimous vote among the committee."
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