7 November 2011

Drew Barrymore tops Hollywoods list of overpaid celebrities (Celebrities news headlines)

Drew Barrymore tops Hollywood's list of overpaid celebrities
DigitalJournal.com reported

The movie-going public insist some celebrities are just too overpaid for the films they make - most of the time this is true. In a survey released Thursday by Forbes.com, Drew Barrymore tops the list of Hollywood's overvalued stars.

Barrymore just saw her film Going the Distance added to her list of movie flops in the past few years, earning just $17.8 million. The 2010 romantic comedy with Justin Long, along with her other movies Whip It ( also her directorial debut) and Everybody's Fine in 2009 just made the former ET child star a notorious flop in terms of up-front million dollar movie salaries against dud box-office returns.

According to the survey from Forbes.com, the Charlie's Angels actress only returns "40 cents for every dollar the movie studios spend for her participation." Often Hollywood celebrities failed to return the investment made by the movie company, because they charge too much for the movie they're cast. But Barrymore's recent movies, even if she's not one of the highest paid stars, just fared really bad. Whip It only earned $13 million, while Everybody's Fine returned just $8 million from a $21 million budget.
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