21 November 2011

Celebrity charities: the new way of giving (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrity Charities: The New Way of Giving
Triple Pundit reported

Over the years, charity work for celebrities has become less about writing a check and more about action. Brad Pitt, founded the Make it Right Foundation which is helping to rebuild New Orleans’ lower 9th ward after Hurricane Katrina. Their mission is to build safe, sustainable, and affordable homes for working families and aims to be a catalyst for change in the building industry in New Orleans and beyond.

The H2O Africa Foundation was founded by Matt Damon to create widespread public awareness of the water crisis in Africa and to gather support for clean water programs in critical areas. Their mission is to leave a legacy of better lives and better communities in Africa. Both of these foundations require not only the face of the celebrity to attract attention and build awareness, but also, long hours of hard personal work by each to fulfill their mission.

This new action oriented charitable work by celebrities is what intrigued me about the latest non-profit project by Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation. Soul Kitchen is a restaurant designed not only to feed the hungry, but also to build community and restore hope to those who are struggling. JBJ has taken the old soup kitchen idea and morphed it into something to give the community pride. Gone is the traditional community kitchen and in it’s place is a quaint little restaurant converted from an old auto body shop, complete with it’s own organic garden. Located in Red Banks, New Jersey, the goal is to do more than just fill bellies and the most popular dish being served is hope.
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