4 November 2011

Celebrity-backed booze (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrity-Backed Booze
Fox News reported

Like it or not, celebrities dominate the news. No matter how much we all want to deny it issues like Kim Kardashian's marital troubles, Lindsay Lohan's actual trials and tribulations and Scarlett Johansson's man-hungry ways enter the public consciousness faster than any complicated policy issue or presidential debate.

That's why when celebrities, who carry ridiculous amounts of weight when it comes to selling things, endorses or has a hand in creating a consumer product – woe to anyone who gets in the way of the horde stampeding toward the checkout counter.

And why should alcohol be any different? People want to drink what celebrities drink. Assuming, that is, those who have their hands in the spirits world slug back what they're selling.

Not surprisingly, there's a long list of celebrities large and small who've lent their names to bottles of booze. Champagne, cognac, brandy, beer and more are all fair game for celebrities to claim ownership of a brand and offer it up as the latest and greatest taste sensation. But the rich and famous have been putting their names on products for years with mixed results.

Sure, some celebs may take a passionate interest in helping develop their perfume/clothing line/breakfast cereal, but all too many of them are happy to toss their name on something cheap and more than a little vile assuming their name will move product in a hurry – Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth perfume, sold at fine Kmarts everywhere, was evidence enough of that.

So which celebrity-backed booze deliver the goods and are worth paying a few extra bucks for, and which belong in the pile of junk that includes Mr. T's FlavourWave Oven Turbo, Smokey Robinson's Pot Roast and the Kardashian Kredit Kard?
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