21 November 2011

Celebrities react to Occupy Wall Street day of action (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrities React To Occupy Wall Street Day Of Action
Uinterview.com reported

While protesters are on the move, reorganizing and demonstrating civil disobedience in an attempt to shut down Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange on today's "Day of Action," celebrities are showing their support, both on Twitter and in person.

Russell Simmons, who has publicly supported the movement since early in its inception, is on the scene today and plans to stay there, marching on Wall Street and occupying Zuccotti Park, to "bring energy to the movement" while it's on the move, according to ABC News. "There is no possibility to 'end corporate greed' that's their job, our job is to provide boundaries. Our Government should be off limits," Simmons posted on Twitter.
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