21 November 2011

Celebrities can not get out of jury duty anymore (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrities can not get out of jury duty anymore
The Atlantic Wire reported

The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Celebrities have lost one bit of preferential treatment, Sharon Stone and Jane Curtin get new roles, and Angelina Jolie heads to the Middle East.

For many years there's been an arrangement in which celebrities who live in Manhattan can show up to something called Juror Appreciation Day and tell a bunch of kids how great and important serving jury duty, and in return get out of serving jury duty (which is great, you should do it! says a celebrity) themselves for the next few years. Well, sucks to be you rich and famous Manhattanites, because that gravy train has pulled out of the station. Due to budget cutbacks, the celebrity event has been canceled this year, meaning the precious few will have to stick it out with the rest of us bums. Sure they'll never actually get on a jury, but they'll still have to sit there for days on end anyway. Ha! Hahaha! One thing, one dirty dumb boring old thing that we have to do, now they have to do it too. Sure they still live in their sky mansions on 5½th Avenue (a hidden avenue that only the rich and famous can see) and eat truffled hippo eggs at secret restaurants in secret skyscrapers and hail helicopters out of the sky like we hail cabs, but at least they have to serve jury duty. At least that. We're pretty sure this means that Occupy Wall Street has succeeded. You can go home now, guys! Your work is done. [The Wrap]

Dark-eyed statue Sharon Stone has been cast in the upcoming biopic about adult film star Linda Lovelace, of Deep Throat fame. (Don't ask how Linda Lovelace knew things about the Nixon administration, just know that she did.) Stone will play mother to Amanda Seyfried's Lovelace, and presumably everything's great and nothing goes wrong because this sounds like that kind of movie. However it turns out, it's definitely always nice to see Sharon Stone working. She's good! Not like good good, but always compelling, no? And now she's in this strangely seedy movie (not seedy because of the porn aspect, but maybe because Lindsay Lohan was at one point going to play Lovelace in a biopic). Good to know. Still not the most important thing to know about Sharon Stone, though. The most important thing to know about her, and remember forever and cherish almost like a child, is that one time a dragon ate her husband's foot off. We all know that's the most important thing about Sharon Stone, forever. [Deadline]
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