17 October 2011

Celebrities take part in Occupy Wall Street movement (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrities take part in Occupy Wall Street Movement
eTaiwan News reported

The grassroots movement that originated in Manhattan has spread to other areas of the country,with the number of participants growing and similar movements sprouting up in numerous towns and cities across the US. The movement is showing signs of rapid expansion as more rallies and marches have broken out in recent days, with many more in progress.

"No longer will banks take our homes. No longer will banks rob students of our future. No longer will banks destroy the environment. No longer will banks fund the misery of war,” according to an online message on the movement’s Facebook page, “No longer will banks cause massive unemployment. And no longer will banks create and profit from economic crisis without a struggle.”

The message goes on to urge users to "visit your local Bank of America, Wells Fargo or Chase (branches) and let them know, we will not allow business as usual."

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, music star Kanye West and the Rev. Al Sharpton were spotted Monday at the Occupy Wall Street cause in New York City. Their support echoes the demonstrators’ concerns over a wide range of topics, including corporate greed, political ineptitude and the inordinate power wielded by the country’s financial elite.
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