5 September 2011

Celebrities and their alter egos (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrities and their alter egos
Argonaut reported

Ever since Lady Gaga hit it big in the music industry, rumors have circulated about her being a hermaphrodite. Comments about her clothing often include hints that she should be wearing pants because it looks like she could possibly be a he.

Although fans have defended her in the past, her new songs seem lackluster on the talent radar to even her biggest fans. And now Lady Gaga has decided that she has an alter ego — a man named Jo Calderone.
The cross-dressing performer stayed in character all night, giving a speech, interviews and performing her new single “You and I” as Calderone.

OK, so she wore black slacks and a baggy white shirt, smoked on stage and acted like a man, no big deal right? This is a performer who arrived at the Grammys in an egg and has worn a dress made out of meat, so it shouldn’t be surprising. But it is.

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