22 August 2011

Where to spot celebrities in Barbados (Celebrities news headlines)

Where to spot celebrities in Barbados
Daily Mail reported

If, like me, you would love to spot Rihanna, Simon Cowell or Mariah Carey while on holiday, the west coast of Barbados is the place to go.

Driving from the island's airport, the whole area seems like an adult sweet shop - a pick-and-mix of striped and pastel-hued beach-fronted accommodation.

The best known is the Sandy Lane hotel. But there are other, more affordable options. Pulling into the long, palm-fringed drive of the Fairmont Royal Pavilion resort, there is a definite air of exclusivity, but there is a sense of accessibility too.

Percy and Maureen Smith have been coming here for years. 'This is our favourite west coast resort,' Percy says. 'It attracts all sorts, young and old, but staff have time for everyone.

Who was that lady we were sitting next to once?' he asks his wife. 'Oh, um, Kylie Minogue,' Maureen replies.

There are 24 new spacious and bright junior suites at the Fairmont, all decorated simply in sandy tones and with dark wood furnishings.

I needed to walk only 14 steps from my suite before I was wiggling my toes in the clear, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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