8 August 2011

Virgin Galactic Space Tour: SpaceshipTwo is a Hit With Celebrities (Celebrities news headlines)

Virgin Galactic Space Tour: 'SpaceshipTwo' is a Hit With Celebrities
IBTimes reported

Virgin has revealed that more than 450 customers have already signed up for a series of flights starting in 2013, which will each have six passengers and two pilots travelling to 70 miles above the Earth.

Among the celebrities looking forward to travel into space are comedian Russell Brand, "Dallas" star Victoria Principal, film director Bryan Singer, designer Philippe Starck, scientist Professor Stephen Hawking, property developers the Candy brothers, and PayPal developer Elon Musk.

The flights will allow them to spend 15 minutes into space, and port holes windows fitted throughout the cabin will ensure the A-list get the best view possible, with the experience described as similar to the vistas experienced by astronauts on board the International Space Station.

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