15 August 2011

Quote Unquote | Celebrities Attempt to Discuss Scents (Celebrities news headlines)

Quote Unquote | Celebrities Attempt to Discuss Scents
StyleList reported

Ever since Lady Gaga requested that her fragrance "Monster" would, "smell like blood and semen," we have had our eye and ear on celebrities who design fragrances and make the mistake of talking about them in public. While they might not have any idea what they are talking about, at least they are entertaining. Here are our ten favorite quotes from celebrities with fragrances:

Adriana Lima on "Incredible" : "The fragrance was inspired by the bra, which is all about comfort and feeling sexy and also inspired by the fabric, which is very smooth so this fragrance is a fruity, floral fragrance."

Keith Urban on "Phoenix" : "I've always loved symbolism and mythology, the symbolism of the phoenix being something that succumbs to the challenges and burns in the fire, but then is resurrected from the ashes and rises up from the ashes even stronger than before. The 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' story of the phoenix is something else that I think fits really well with a man's cologne."

Mary J. Blige on "Life Blossom" : "It's light and positive, the true embodiment of self-love and clarity. It represents the blossom that me and my fans have gone through."

Kim Kardashian on "Love" : "You get that glitz and that glamour that people want to kind of escape into. But then once they dive into us, they see that we are just like everyone else."

Justin Bieber on "Someday" : "Let's be real, the way a girl smells is very important to a guy! I have such a deep connection with my fans, so creating a fragrance that I personally love is another way I can bring them closer to my world."

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