12 August 2011

Pippa Middletons behind inspires plastic surgery boom (Celebrities news headlines)

Pippa Middleton's behind inspires plastic surgery boom
Telegraph.co.uk reported

The 27-year-old has sparked a wave of surgery requests since appearing in a figure-hugging Alexander McQueen gown as maid of honour at the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding.

In particular, the images of her carefully carrying her older sister's nine-foot long train into Westminster Abbey caught the imagination of men and women around the world.

Miami-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Constantino Mendieta claims her appearance has lead to a huge demand in what has been coined the “Pippa Butt Lift”.

“Once the breast implants reigned supreme, now it is the buttocks that are considered a woman's best asset,” Dr Mendieta told The Times.

“The latest craze here in the US and all over the world is to get the Pippa Butt Lift.”

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