2 August 2011

Miley Cyrus hacker admits computer fraud (Celeb news)

A young Tennessee man who admitted hacking into Miley Cyrus's e-mail has pleaded guilty to computer fraud charges. Josh Holly, 21, faces up to 13 years in federal prison and large fines when he is sentenced, The Nashville Tennessean reported. Sentencing is scheduled for October.

At a hearing Monday, Holly admitted possession of 200 stolen credit card numbers, pleading guilty to access device fraud, and hacking into celebrity MySpace sites so that visitors would receive spam. A site selling cell phone ring tones allegedly paid him more than $100,000 for his services.

Holly was charged with those offences after he posted racy pictures of Cyrus on the Internet, saying he obtained them by hacking into her MySpace and gmail accounts. The FBI searched his computer, although he was never charged in connection with the Cyrus hacking.

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