27 August 2011

Learning From Celebrity Dieting in the News (Celebrities news headlines)

Learning From Celebrity Dieting in the News
Huffington Post reported

Sarah Ferguson, Jason Alexander, Dan Marino, Carrie Fisher, Valerie Bertinelli, Jennifer Hudson, Marie Osmond, Carnie Wilson, and of course Kirstie Alley have all endorsed diet products. Recently The New York Times took notice of how many celebrities have lost weight using various weight loss products. Unfortunately for the shareholders behind those products, many celebrities end up regaining the weight they've lost -- and more. Carrie Fisher was quoted in the article saying, "It's really important to recognize that it's just as hard for a celebrity as it would be for any other person losing weight."

No matter how you make your living, there are numerous physiological reasons why dieting fails that all boil down to one fundamental fact: The human brain is programmed for survival and is exquisitely sensitive to any factors that may lead to death.

The brain is attuned to every single metabolic process within our bodies. Metabolism is essentially divided into two functions: breaking down and rebuilding. Our bodies are made up of dynamic tissues that are constantly disposed of and replaced. The breaking-down process clears out the old cellular material and then building supplies are brought in and the rebuilding process begins. Your brain oversees all of this.
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