17 August 2011

Kiss dropped from Jackson tribute concert, for calling him a child molester

Picture by GlobovisiĆ³n

Organisers of a Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff have been criticised for booking rock band Kiss after they said the star was a child abuser. Kiss were removed from the bill after controversy over comments bassist Gene Simmons made last year. Jackson was cleared of child molestation in 2005.

The furore over Kiss' booking stems from an interview Simmons gave to Classic Rock magazine last February, in which he said: "Where there's smoke there's fire. There's no question in my mind he molested those kids. Not a doubt."

Jermaine Jackson took to Twitter to say he was "appalled" that promoter Global Live had invited the group, echoing the views of many fans online. He continued: "It also saddens me that my mother is being used to promote this event. Does Global Live really need an 81-year-old woman to prop up its event? Stop.

Christina Aguilera and Leona Lewis are due to take part in the October show.
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