26 August 2011

Kaiser couple to marry in Potsdam (Royal news headlines)

Kaiser couple to marry in Potsdam
The Local.de reported

Germany’s high society event of the year is set for Saturday as the great-great grandson of Kaiser Wilhem II gets married at a royal palace in Potsdam.

The 35-year-old Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, and his aristocratic bride, 33-year-old Sophie, Princess of Isenburg, will make their vows in the Church of Peace on the grounds of the Sanssouci Palace. Their 700 guests will include members of leading German and European noble families.

The couple already tied the knot in a civil ceremony at the Potsdam town hall on Thursday.

German broadcaster RBB will provide three hours of live coverage on television, and approximately 100 journalists will be on site to cover what would be Germany’s own royal wedding - if the country still had a monarchy.

Although the pair is not in line for the throne like Britain's William and Kate, Prince Georg Friedrich would be kaiser had his great-great grandfather not been forced to abdicate in the wake of World War I. The representatives of European royalty set to attend the nuptials in Potsdam are fittingly modest.
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