18 August 2011

Depardieu removed from flight for urinating in front of passengers

Picture by Tom Lee KelSo

French actor Gerard Depardieu has been removed from a flight bound for Dublin.
The 62-year-old, star of Cyrano de Bergerac and Green Card, was on a flight from Paris when he urinated in front of fellow passengers.

The plane was still on the ground but was preparing for take-off when Mr Depardieu asked to use the lavatory. When staff told him to stay in his seat, it is understood he stood in the aisle of the plane and urinated into a bottle.

A passenger on the CityJet plane contacted a French radio station on Wednesday and claimed the movie star had also urinated on the aisle.

The traveller claimed Mr Depardieu stood up minutes before take-off and declared in a loud voice: "Je veux pisser. Je veux pisser."

Following the incident, he said it was not alcohol related and was so desperate to use the facilities as he had drunk a litre bottle of water before boarding.
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