8 August 2011

Celebrities sling hash (Celebrities news headlines)

Celebrities sling hash
Variety reported

The Web has been called a tool celebs can use to connect with their fans and build their audience.

That's so yesterday.

Today it's also a cash-generating machine that puts money in their pockets via sponsored Tweets, paid endorsements for products and sales of their own licensed merchandise.

Celebrities are thinking more and more about monetizing their online audience as opposed to just building it, "which is what the first five or six years of social media was all about," says Arnie Gullov-Singh, CEO of celebrity marketing agency Ad.ly, which launched Charlie Sheen on Twitter in March. The BevHills-based outfit says it has a stable of 1,000 celebs from Hollywood and sports who send out sponsored Twitter messages to their followers for cash from 150 advertisers, including AT&T, Microsoft, NBC and Sony.
Marketers have quickly come to realize that celebrities are magnets for corralling eyeballs in social media. In the flip of a Twitter hashtag, Ashton Kutcher, Oprah Winfrey, 50cent and Sheen each can deliver millions of followers.

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